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Woman caught on video hurling racist remarks at Spanish-speaking mother in Disneyland bathroom

A woman was caught on camera hurling racist remarks at a mother speaking Spanish to her son inside a Disneyland bathroom.

The heated argument happened last Tuesday when mother Eva Ramirez said she was with her 2-year-old son, celebrating the boy’s birthday at the amusement park. Ramirez said that the woman used profanity and threatened her before she started recording.

“She continued to scream at me and use several profanity words,” the mother said. “She said even more negative things that I feel uncomfortable saying.”

After hitting record, the woman wearing a gray Mickey Mouse shirt continued to shout things like, “This is America; you don’t speak Spanish in America,” while chastizing Ramirez for using a large unmarked stall with her toddler. The back-and-forth argument continued with the woman saying “it was offensive” that the mother used the stall while pointing at another woman’s wheelchair. 

“It’s offensive that you use that bathroom when she’s in a wheelchair,” the woman shouted. 

The woman capped off her racist remarks by shouting, “OK, I hate Mexicans, it’s true,” before sticking her middle finger to the camera as she pushed another woman’s wheelchair out of the restroom. 

“I’m born into my nationality. I’m born into being Mexican. I can’t change that,” Ramirez said. “No one is born into being a racist.”

After enduring the argument, Ramirez said the woman was escorted into the park despite a cast member witnessing the incident and the mother showing the video to the head of security. 

“His response was ‘Well, I already heard their story and you should go about your day,'” Ramirez recalled. 

Additionally, she claimed she had received hateful messages after posting the video on social media.

The park’s response frustrated Ramirez, especially since Disneyland lists several rules on its website, including “showing common courtesy to fellow Guests and our Cast Members by not using profanity or engaging in unsafe, illegal, disruptive or offensive behavior…”

“If someone would have at least acknowledged that it did happen to us and not try to shove it under the rug, I feel like that’s all I was looking for,” Ramirez said.

Although nothing has been done to justify what happened to her, Ramirez said she has turned this terrible moment into a lesson for her young son. 

“I lead by example and let him know that its not tolerated,” she said. 

Ramirez said she brought her complain to Anaheim City Hall.

People protested outside the woman’s home over the weekend. One of the protesters was arrested. Ramirez said she doesn’t want any retaliation towards this woman. She simply wants Disneyland to acknowledge what happened. 

KCAL News reached out to Disneyland several times and has not received a response.

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