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We help the voiceless Have a voice

“The more Muslim Europe becomes the more anti-Muslim Europe becomes”

55% in Europe wanted to stop further Muslim immigration to their countries

An Ipos/MORI poll of 40 countries in 2016 found public estimates of the size of Muslims in their populations to have little bearing on reality.

The estimate of what the size of the Muslim population would be by 2020 reached 40 percent whereas the number of Muslims in the EU is projected to reach 8 percent in 2030.

Our Mission

GAME is a collective movement to redress the false perceptions of Islam and challenge islamophobia through public forums, communal exchanges, education and dialogue.

Our Vision

To create a world in which Muslims will be integrated in all facets of society and entitled to all the rights, duties and responsibilities that define citizenship thereby promoting and building a world of harmony and inclusivity for all.


Providing support for people in need

We are a nonprofit that makes it easy and safe to give to projects anywhere in the world, while providing local organizations the tools, training, and support they need to become more effective.



We are working with international peace builder, Padraig O’Malley, to do an Inside Out installation at the summit for young muslims happening next month. He has started a movement called GAME (the Global Alliance of Muslims for Equality) and they are having their first Paris launch on the 29th of this month. He brought together young people from 12 cities across Europe who are experiencing conflict last year for leadership training and to begin to reframe the narrative around what it means to be Muslim and how collectively they can make a change. This year there will also be delegates sent from the United States to join their voices with this global movement. We have participated in Inside Out installations in the past and Padraig O’Malley was thrilled to think of doing one at the Peace and Reconciliation Center in Glencree next month when everyone is gathered for this summit.

We love Inside Out because it is combining people, and art, and causes and giving it a platform that makes people pay attention and draws them in.

The statement we are wanting to make with this installation is about breaking down barriers in areas of conflict and fortifying young people to lead the charge on what they want their world to look like.

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